Wednesday, March 15, 2017

LED and florescent lights and your wall color choise. Be careful

   Like many people your looking to reduce your electric bill by replacing your standard incandescent bulbs will LED or florescent lights.

  Some think you should consider first. You invested a lot of time and expense in the paint on your walls. Changing you light from incandescent to florescent or LED. Can change the appearance of the color you walls are painted.

 The standard incident light put out a light that has a yellow/gold color. Many florescent bulbs will put out a light pink color. LED light are a more white light than the incident or the florescent bulbs.

   Changing to a florescent light in a room that is painted in a pastel or an off white wall color can change the appearance of that color drastically. The typical off white color will pick up a pink hue to it. A pastel color (especial light grays) will look purple.  The LED bulb will wash out a pastel color making it look several shades lighter in color.

   Keep this in mind if and when you elect to switch you lighting. Also if you are looking to repaint you walls keep the type of lighting you have, verse the lighting at the local paint store.

 Make your color selection at home, in the room you intend to paint and with the type of lighting you have and intend to keep. 

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